is this real life?

do you remember this post?
yep, me too. seemed like it was FOREVER ago that I found out I was going to Palmyra for a special EFY session as a counselor!
well guess what?!
the time has come and I am flying out to New York today!!!!
I am unbelievably excited!
Last time I visited this place I was just a baby... k not really a baby cause that little girl is Lexie in the picture below. But I was in 8th grade so to me, I was baby. 
So this experience is going to be such an INCREDIBLE one! It'll be a lot different from my visit before, even though that one was still awesome. 
And I am so thrilled I get to actually be a counselor and have my own group again! Slightly nervous, but excited at the same time! Seriously, I think this week will change my life. 
I'll warn you right now, I'll probably have a million pictures from this next week! 
it's game time. :)

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Kaycie Q said...

YAY! see you soon!