reunion with the freshman gang.

Freshman year of college was one of the greatest experiences of my life. 
That is when I met some amazing people who became my best friends:

But 5 years later, we are still friends and I am so thankful for that! We don't get to see each other as often anymore because our lives have changed a bit: some have gotten married, some have graduated, (ok just me but a lot of them will in April!), work/school has taken over lives, and one has moved his life to Hawaii so sadly we may not ever all be together again! But one thing that will never change is the way I feel about these people. They have been the ones that have been with me through my college years- which can be the most challenging yet most memorable experiences I will never forget. They feel like my family, and even treat me as such. With Kate being on a mission, I was left as the only girl with all these crazy boys. But don't worry, they didn't ever treat me differently because I was a girl. And I'm actually grateful for that. I was over at their house the year they got back from their missions literally every moment I was not at school, work, or sleeping. They were champs for putting up with me :) 
Ok, enough of walking down memory lane. After being back in Provo for 2 months, (yes, sadly it took us that long) we all reunited at our favorite place, Red Robin! Ever since we went for Jared's birthday freshman year (the 1st picture) it is where we ALWAYS go for birthday celebrations. And this time we didn't celebrate a birthday, we just celebrated us reuniting! AND we sat in the same spot that we sat freshman year (if you can see from the picture taken then and now). We had such a fun time being together and catching up on things going on in our lives. 
I really am grateful for these friends in my life. I know that even though I hardly see them, they are always there for me! It's weird to think that really soon our lives will be going in different directions and we all won't live within 5 minutes of each other. I hope that we can all stay in touch as that happens because they mean so much to me! 
Seriously, I really do love these people with all my heart and soul. They are one of a kind friends and I will always remember our college years together!

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Janey said...

cute post! it was fun seeing people i actually knew! glad you guys are still friends thats awesome!