Halloween Season!

I have LOVED the Halloween/Fall season this year! Last year, I felt like I did nothing to enjoy the season. But this year, I did EVERYTHING I wanted to do except carve a pumpkin. (ya, I know.. it's only one of the EASIEST and cheaper things to do, but I didn't do it. whatevs.)

First on the list, I went to Cornbelly's with Becky, Nicole, and Shaun. (thanks for being my date Becks)  
Aren't they just the cutest things?
We had a great time going around the ENTIRE place jumping on "big pillows" with all the children, going through an inflatable beast, had a horse race, and went through a few mazes. Needless to say, it was a fun time with these best friends of mine.
Second on the list, I went to the Haunted Forest with a bunch of random friends one Saturday night and loved every minute of it! 
And maybe I held Becky like this a lot during the whole thing, sorry I was probably annoying. 
And here are the things I am most scared of: Freddie Cruger, any man with chain saw coming near me, and the girl from the ring coming out of the well. Those people can stay away. 
 But tis the season right? I love getting spooked. On top of that, I love being spooked with some great friends. We definitely had a lot of laughs. 
Next on the fall list: Driving up the canyon to see the pretty fall colors!! Thanks to Nicole for being a sport and letting me drag her to Provo Canyon to try to see the pretty leaves one last time before it starts getting ugly. We had some success and enjoyed our enjoyable Sunday afternoon ride up the canyon. It was a gorgeous day! Thanks Nicoley Baby Boo for coming along with me :) 
And last, but not least, we had a Fall/Halloween dinner at Becky's with some family and friends complete with homemade chili and cornbread. I haven't had that for Halloween since I lived back at home so it was thoroughly enjoyed. Great company and great food always results in having a great time! 
Obviously, I will need a separate post for my Halloween weekend! So stay tuned (ya, to the 2 followers I have out there) 
Hope everyone enjoyed the season as much as I did! 

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