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Hi, my name is Ashley Kay Sant and I am SUPER behind on my blogging. I apologize to those who care (Nicole). With lots of birthdays and lots of traveling, I've slacked a bit. 
But let's put that aside and go back to my wonderful weekend trip back home to Georgia in the beginning of November! 

First off, the kiddies had NO idea that Callie and I were both coming home for the weekend until 2 days before when Lexie opened her birthday cards from both of us. This is what I put in mine: 

 i like to pretend i'm creative.
When you find a deal for $187 round trip to Atlanta, how could you pass that up when all I needed to do was get off some time from work? It was just what I needed. 
Nicole was a gem and drove me at 6 am to the airport on Thursday morning. (Don't worry, she was paid back with a trip to Texas... Roadhouse that is)
It was an enjoyable few days I got to spend with my incredible fam bam. 
Friday, as a part of Lexie's birthday gift, I told her she was missing school and we were going shopping and eating lunch at a restaurant of her choice. (ya, I'm the best sister ever) We made a pit stop at Target (of course) and bought the Justin Bieber Christmas CD and blasted it the entire day. I'm not ashamed. We had a fun afternoon together. 
That night, I went with the parents to the Varsity football game for my old high school. Talk about a blast from the past. It was against our rivals and the game was super exciting! Just reminded me of the good ol' days back in highschool.
 Cody had to dress out for it since he is QB on the JV team, but I was proud to see my little bro out on the sidelines being supportive. I kept yelling to put Cody in the game. Much to my dismay, they did not do such a thing. But it still was a fun game. 
Cal flew in late that night so I was excited to be reunited with her again after 2 months. Not to mention, she became quite the chatter box at night. I'm laying in bed, exhausted, and she is just talking away. You would think she would be more tired than I am since that's the routine married life, but nope. She was up and talking my ear off. I was grateful for it (even if I hardly responded) because I miss talking with her and seeing her daily. 
Saturday we had Lizzie's Bridal Shower at my house. Lizzie had no idea Callie was coming so she was quite surprised! But it was a fun time; we enjoyed yummy soups and desserts and I loved seeing the ladies from my home ward. They are all pretty fabulous.
2 down, 2 to go.
  The rest of the day was spent hanging with the fam, going to our favorite mexican restaurant, and watching football. 
Sunday came too fast. We went to church, ate some lunch, and it was time to head back to cold Utah. 
I'm glad I was able to take a quick trip home and a break from Utah. 
Can't wait to go back in 3 weeks!!! 

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KaycieQ said...

i love your card you made for lexie! very creative :)