fall break?

ya right, I don't even know what one of those is like. I have wanted a fall break since I went to BYU and crossed my fingers my office would just close those 2 days too. ya, that was wishful thinking.
but that set aside, the weekend was pretty good. 
i babysat this cute baby and her sisters overnight that Friday right after work. we danced to some justin bieber, made a birthday cake, watched a movie, and had a sleepover in the parents room. these girls are always so fun to be around. and it's nice to go somewhere where I feel at home since I can't exactly get to my house too quick.
The next day I went to the BYU football game with these freshman goofballs! As you can see, we had FANTASTIC seats and the weather was beautiful that day! The game was a pretty good one too. And it's always great to spend some time with my favorite boys.  
I also got to meet up with two of my kiddos from my EFY group in Palmyra during halftime! Seriously, I miss that week and those kids all the time. It was so great that I could reunite with 2 of them at the BYU game for a brief time! Now I just need all those crazies who live in Utah to come down and visit!
And to end the fall break I didn't have, I gave a talk in church that Sunday and had some great people there to support me. Although I was super nervous about the whole thing and I'm not into the whole public speaking stuff, I was so happy to see those faces out in the crowd. Really, I feel so blessed to have some amazing people in my life. I love them so much.
So there you have it. The fall break that didn't exist ended up being a pretty good weekend!

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