Johnson & Johnson.

March 10, 2012 marked a very special day for a best friend of mine.
Miss Nicole Erin Wait became Miss Nicole Wait JOHNSON!!
And it was such a fantastic day! 
One of the reasons why it was so fantastic was the fact that I got to spend the entire day with some of my favorites! It doesn't happen too often that you get to be bridesmaids with your best friends for another best friend. And not only that, but we were also friends with both the bride and groom! It was a blast being with Becks and Britt all day and seeing Nicole and Shaun SO SO happy and glowing all day!!

That night, we got into our bridesmaid attire and headed to the Sleepy Ridge Golfcourse for pictures and the reception! 
Clearly Becks and I needed our caffeine to help us get through the rest of the night. 
Most wedding receptions result in clinging to the other people in the wedding party since it's mainly just family and friends around that none of us know. But since it was just around the corner from our crazy college town, so many of our great friends were able to come throughout the night to celebrate and party with us! 
All the bridesmaids were darling and a blast to spend time with and of course being Marky Mark's first date was a real treat ;) 
And just in case you forgot, being bridesmaids with some of your best friends is SO much fun!

This was definitely one of the most favorite weddings I have ever been to! The company was great, the weather was fantastic, and the reception was quite the party! I'm glad I was able to celebrate one of the happiest days for one of my closest friends!
Thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a great day Nicole!

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Johnson! I love you both :)

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