party girlllll!

Wedding time is quickly approaching for my dearest Nicole Erin Wait, so some of the bridesmaids got together and threw a Bridal Shower for this wonderful girl!
(&Thanks to Mama Wait, we had some pretty awesome decorations.)
 We obviously had to play the guessing game, she opened some exciting presents....

and it was such a good turn out being with all the people who love this bride-to-be! 
Miss Kaycie Q was a gem and made the drive from Salt Lake City for the occasion, which I was SO happy to see this pretty face!
and another future bride/best friend of mine was also in attendance, which was great because I NEVER see her either, even when she lives the same house! (weddings....)
 Here are the hosts' of the party with the future bride! 
 I love you Nicoley Baby Boo! Thanks for letting me be a part of this exciting time in your life!
ONE WEEK till the BIG day!!!!!!!! 

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Nicole Erin said...

wrong outfit for me.