efy: sacramento!

efy happened.
8 straight weeks (with a 1 week break in between). 
and it was such a blast, you guys. really. i have no regrets accepting that job this summer!
so since I love pictures, oh so much, and we traveled all around California... I'll give you week by week. (and if you hate my efy love, avoid the next 8 posts)
week 1 was in lovely Sacramento, California (not like I'd been there enough already this summer, right?) 
quick side note: i got home from lake powell 7 pm Friday night and left at 5 am for Sacramento the next day! talk about a non stop summer! so once we finally arrive in Sacramento, we are waiting for all of our bags and was still missing Logan's big red bag after 45 minutes! There was one bag going around the conveyer belt that looked like Logan's, but it had ribbons and a name tag that read "Melissa". I would jokingly yell, "Melissaaaa! Come get your bag!" Finally, we went to the services to report a missing bag and the lady said it had checked into Sacramento. As she was asking us if any bags looked alike on the belt still and we explained why there shouldn't be any confusion, we see a lady walk by with a red bag. Kelsey asked if she was Melissa and she said yes and that she had accidentally taken the wrong bag. HA! So from then on, whenever we were being negative or something wrong was going on we'd say, "Melisssssaaaa". Turned out to be quite the comic relief. It always turned negative into positive. 
oh, and i had to snap a picture of her leaving with her bag and you can see Logan's. 
anyways... got to California, finally met my entire team, and was pumped for a fun summer!
Our first week was a Stay at Home session so it was just 9-9 Monday-Friday. breeze.
And did I mention that Suzanne was my FC this summer! we win. love this woman and SO glad we got to work together all summer in a wonderful place!
 once the kiddies were gone at night, we partied just a little. aka getting treats. but we didn't do it most nights cause we would rather sleep. party poopers. 
 this outfit attire matchy-ness happened very often this summer and it all began week 1.
 games night was extremely hot so we felt it necessary to have squirt guns. they were cheap and didn't work very well, but it was fun while it lasted. 
 one afternoon, Tazia and I went to Goodwill to look for random findings and just happened to find 5 of these TMNT backpacks for $10 each, brand new! We were shocked and seriously so giddy. Clearly, we gave them to all of the girls and rocked them all summer (at least Taz and I did!) They were quite the hit all summer. 
 And like I said, i LOVED my team this summer. even at the beginning of week 1, I knew it was going to be a fun team and a fun trip ahead of us! 
 Our session directors were the Johnson's and they were INCREDIBLE! We loved them and their adorable family! 
 We even had the privilege of having Brian Rhoades come sing for us one night. Incredible.
 Because we were at church buildings for Stay at Homes, we had a lot of cleaning up to do, like putting away 100's of chairs. I was the chair holder once and it was quite the task trying to stay up. Those chairs get heavy!
 This was my first group of girls for the summer! they were all darling and so fun to get to know!
 and surprise! i got this goof to commit to work one week with me! we were needing quite a few counselors our first week so I asked him to come and was SO glad he did! It was fun getting to work a week with a best friend!
and before we knew it, week 1 was over. Here was our fantastic group of counselors! seriously loved each and every one of them for making it an awesome week and being such sports dealing with a team who was just getting into the swing of things! 
after the week ended, we spent the night at the Johnson's and had a blast talking till 2 am, waking up early, having a delicious breakfast, spending time at the pool with all the family, chatting some more, BC girls getting much needed pedicures, getting some Thrifty ice cream, and then headed out to our next session!
week 1 was crazy and we tried to figure out all the quirks, but all in all, we LOVED that week! 

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