is this real life?

6 years. 
i can't believe i've lived in Provo 6 whole years. and i'm leaving in the morning. 
it's been quite the adventure to say the least.
and it's weird to say that i'm leaving this place. 
it's been my home. i've met incredible people. i attended the best university. i have grown up a lot and have learned who i am while i've been here. 
it's been a good run, but i am ready for a new adventure to begin in Arizona! 
i will miss this place. 
dear provo, 
i know that i said i hated you some days. but i really have loved you. thanks for all the good times and good memories. i hope to see you again soon.
love, the future az girl 


Brittany said...

i'm sad you're gone. but i want to come visit you in AZ

KaycieQ said...

Even though it's hard, it's usually a good thing to graduate from Provo. :) You will be missed!

Janey said...

I am glad you lived in Provo and that I got to meet you. you are great and so much fun! We have some good memories from Freshmen year. hope your new adventure treats you well!