the facts.

I have now been living in Arizona for almost a week (whatttt) and here are the things I've learned...

1. If you didn't already guess it, Arizona has tons of Cactus! And did you know it takes 75 years to grow ONE arm on a cactus? K, so maybe I already knew that one. But on top of that, it is illegal to even cut one down if it's already starting to fall. People will put wood against them to support them so they will stay up. So crazy. I've seen a few cacti that have arms on arms... they must be REALLYYY old. And, they are filled with water! I don't even know how they can stay up because they have to be super heavy.
Here is my lovely cactus in the backyard. Definitely over 75 years old.
2. According to my uncle there is LOTS of wildlife in this desert. For instance, I took my little 5 year old cousin to school one day with my Aunt and on our street we saw this baby coyote! He was calm and just casually was walking alongside the road. What the?! Thought it was some sort of ugly dog. Nope. First wildlife sighting? check. Now I just need to find the bobcats, snakes, deathly lizards, and other random things. hooray! Advice from the Uncle: when I do encounter such animals, don't acknowledge them or get close to them. They won't bother me if I don't bother them. easy enough?
I wish I was quick enough to take a picture, but this is pretty much like the one I saw!
3. Friends, it is possible to burn your feet just by walking barefoot on pavement. (what a 'duh' statement) Learned that painful mistake on Saturday when I wanted to run to my friends car. My feet have been hurting a little the past few days. I would compare it to walking on coal. That's probably why Arizona people do so well in those competitions. I'll get up there I'm sure. Lesson learned: always wear sandals when walking on pavement in the middle of the day! it is hot!
4. Every house should have a pool. Thankfully my Aunt and Uncle do! It is the ONLY way to enjoy the heat. Not to mention, I love my pool time! Win, win? I think so.
5. It's crazy to hear people say that it's nice weather when it is 100 degrees outside! I'm pretty much used to the hot weather thanks to Georgia and it's humidity, but it's still so hot here! Apparently I came at the WORST time to be here. oops. Good thing I can handle it. And I guess it isn't as bad this week because the week before I got here is was about 115 degrees every day. woof. Good news is that fall will be a dream! Can't wait for that perfect weather! 
6. Every car needs to have a car visor. Getting in your car during the day is like stepping into a sauna. Not to mention, it even takes a few minutes to get the A/C working full time. I'm hoping my new investment in this visor will not only protect my car from sun damage, but will keep things a little cooler before using it. (I am now one of those people I used to think were so ridiculous for using one of those things. Wait till you move to Arizona and you'd understand)
7. Sunsets can be absolutely GORGEOUS here! I witnessed my first one a few nights ago and was blown away! I'm obsessed with sunsets and I wish I could've captured the entire thing. It was amazing. I'm hoping to see another one like that soon!
8. Arizona likes to have speeding cameras and will take pictures of your license plate if you choose to speed. lazy police. There is a chance I learned that mistake my very first night when I wondered if there was lightning. Guess I'll find out soon if I get some mail. dangit. fingers crossed it was just my imagination. 
9. If you happen to go to Scottsdale Fashion Square to do a little shopping, be prepared to get lost and get a work out. I didn't remember where I parked my car and it maybe took me an extra 15 minutes to get out of the mall trying to find stairs and escalators to take me to my car. I feel accomplished that I made it out alive.
10. Good news for me, Arizona has things that remind me of home such as: Bluebell Ice Cream, Waffle House, and legit thunderstorms (when they rarely happen even though it's monsoon season... whatever). Just a piece of the south and I'm in heaven.

So those are just the 10 quick facts I've learned while being in Arizona for almost a week!
If you feel inspired to now come visit me and experience the excitement yourself, I'd be more than happy to show you around!
I think I'm really going to like this place. 


Juliana said...

So I've heard in Arizona you don't have to pay the red light tickets unless a cop personally hands you the ticket or delivers it to you in person. You don't have to pay if they mail it to you. You should check more into that just a little FYI if you end up getting one in the mail!

Katie Smith said...

This is all so true! haha I feel the same way and tried walking on pavement barefoot and died haha!

Laena Horne said...

Just a tip, most of the malls out here including Scottsdale Fashion Square have mobile as for your phone that include directory maps to help keep you from getting lost. I still miss GA but I agree about the sunsets. :)

Brooke said...

Juliana is right, but 90% of the time a cop WILL show up at your door with the ticket. Talk about nerve racking haha. It's better to just pay it! Also, one time I came home from work and a bobcat was sitting ON my car. So yeah.... be prepared for lots of crazy wildlife! I'm so happy you are in AZ, tell that beautiful state hi for me!! And have fun! :)

Mia said...

1- we're a little crazy about our "trees"
2- coyotes are the rats of arizona. don't ever go near one
3- you'll get use to it. then you can walk barefoot everywhere! my feet are tough just from that crazy hot asphalt
4- yeees! you wouldn't survive without 'em
5- like i've said a hundred times, anything under 80 is too cold
6 - dorky, but WAY necessary. don't burn your hands on the steering wheel!
7- EVERY night! nothing like an AZ sunset
8- when it says photo enforced, they mean it.
9- go to H&M for me
10- play in the rain for me. i miss it.

glad you're loving it. love you!