first month of summer.

yes, i have officially ignored my blog the entire summer! oops?
my life was non stop [and still is] so I didn't have much time to update. 
now that summer is coming to a close (when did that even happen?), i can catch up a little bit.
so after my cruise and Kate's wedding and visiting Callie, here is what went down...

After California, I got to visit Georgia for a few days and I loved every minute of it! It was a short trip sadly, but so fun to be back home!  
The day I flew in, we went to the Braves game that night because that was the only home game they would have while I was home. Regardless of the 3 hour sleep I got the night before, I was not about to miss the one game I could go to! duh. and of course, I enjoyed every second of it. 
 Madi Mills has graduated high school so we attended her grad party! since when did she grow up?!
 I was able to cheer on my sister in her last Volleyball game of the season and they won! I was glad I could see her in a sport that she is loving. It's not often I get to watch the kids in their games cause I'm never home for it.
 A lake trip was an obvious must and very entertaining,
 and I loved spending time with my favorite little puppy! 
I was able to spend time with my great friend, Rachel in the San Fran area for about a day! And lucky us, 711 was giving out free slurpees one random day so of course we got on that and had a few! It's like 711 did it just for us. I was so glad I could see her and meet her now fiancĂ©! 
 Then I went back to Sacramento (since my car was left there for about 3 weeks, nbd), & had a fun day or two with Kyle. We went to Old Town Sacramento, walked around for a bit, and went to this random french fry place where they make fries based on different countries! I think mine were from Italy and his was from Ireland. they were good too!
 I took the trip back to Provo alone after being gone for a month! It was crazy I had been gone for so long! And the night I drove in I basically went straight to watch Shaun perform one last time at Comedy Sportz with these friends! Clearly I was not even ready for the day, but I was glad I got to go!
 Kelsee Mower also got married that so I was able to go to her dinner reception one night, which was so great to see her and her family! She looked absolutely stunning and so happy! what's up with all these girls from home just growing up? 
One night I got to meet up with my cruise girls from Layton and went to the Salt Lake Bees game with them. It was a blast getting to see those crazy girls again! 
Nicole rounded up the gang for a bonfire one of my last nights there. We made hot dogs, smores, and play werewolf for a little bit. it was so fun to spend time with some incredible friends! i'm really going to miss them all when i leave!
Nicole and I visited Becks on one of her last days teaching and were entertained watching the kids washing their desks outside. it was a ZOO! Miss Shepherd is definitely the best teacher we know!
and of course our last trip to Texas Roadhouse was a MUST! 
Kate also had her open house in Utah the week I was there so I was able to go and see all of my old roommates who are married too! it was so fun seeing Vania and Kaylie with their kids and catch up a little bit!

last but not least, Nicole and I FINALLY got to experience our first massages after buying that for her birthday months ago! It was a dream. 
SO yes, I just posted a bunch of random pictures from my random first month of summer.

it was a crazy one.
and it got even crazier.
stay tuned for more catch up time.

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