What happens when we decide to throw a huge party for a fundraiser just 3 days before the event?
Let's just say Suz knows how to put on a good time with little notice.
Suz is going to Uganda this summer with HELP International and needs to do a few fundraisers so they have supplies for building and such.
This was the first one and it turned out to be quite successful.

Britt and I were making sure everything was ready for the coat check... the few that decided to check coats in.
Red Bull came to sponsor us, which definitely put a little more energy in us since we danced out booties off for 4 hours, for real though. We were DRAINED by the end of the night.
Maybe Mia and I both had 2. It was much needed.
And Red Bull is Britt's favorite. Obv.
It was so great to have so many friends come to support Suz!
and my family! [they are the greatest in the world]
this party was seriously SO much fun with these ladies! Here are 3 of the 5 fabulous roommates I have! I really love them lots! Quite possibly the most fantastic roommates I've ever had!
and we took home all the balloons that were hanging up everywhere. they are still hanging on a light fixture in our parlor at our house. they make me happy.
so three cheers for Suz putting together one awesome party with such short notice. She's just fabulous like that, no big deal.
and just a side note- we're going to throw another party in the near future. so stay tuned and come join us for a guaranteed good time.

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