a day to celebrate.

two reasons why this day is a special one.
#1- It's this rockin' cousin of mines birthday today, Justin Calvert!!
As his Mom says, we are saying farewell to his teen years and hello to the life of the 20's! i sure do love this boy! He leaves on May 25th to Paraguay for his mission and I cannot be more proud of him- even though I'm being selfish and don't want him to leave me, but I know he'll be one of the best missionaries!
Justin is one of the SWEETEST boys I know (and I'm not just saying that because we are related)! He will bring a smile to anyones face and will make everyone feel loved, and not to mention he gives the best hugs :)
This kid is good lookin, spiritual, hard worker, crazy, talented (voice and guitar), funny, loves his family so much, and has such a big heart! I could brag about him for hours, but I'll spare you and just go with my word that this kid is AWESOME! I'm so blessed to be a part of a great family with him!
I love you Justin! Hope you have a special day :)

#2- 9 years ago today, my Grandpa was in a horrible car accident when there was a huge blizzard in Denver. His car was hit by a truck when he was pulled over on the side of the road and was rushed to the hospital as fast as he could be in the awful weather. The doctors weren't thinking he was going to make it. It was definitely a hard trial my family had to go through. But after much fasting and prayers said by family and friends everywhere, an amputated leg from just below the knee and down, a stitched up ear, and a few other things- I am SO happy to say that my Grandpa is alive and doing well.
I am SO glad Heavenly Father blessed him and our family so he can still be with us today! I feel so lucky to have him as my Grandpa! This is just a glimpse of the 13/24 beautiful grandchildren he has who all love him very much!From him, we have learned how to love, grow strong in the gospel, and look at the positive things in life. He has definitely been a great example to all of us!
If you have met my Grandpa, you know how great he is! Seriously, how did I get so lucky?! He will always give me great advice, make me laugh, and feel special. He did give me the name, "Ashley the Kay Girl", which has stuck with a few people.
I love his random phone calls during the week just to say hi. It always brightens up my day. He is such a fun and exciting Grandpa and am so glad he is a HUGE part in my life! I don't know where I would be without him! I love him very much and so glad he made it through that trial in his life! He really is an inspiration to so many people!

Today is a great day of celebration for 2 of the most important people in my life :)
I love you both!

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Kaycie Q said...

I for one am SO glad Grandpa is still around! :)

And Justin...haha