March update time.

i've been fairly bad at updating my life this month, so i decided I need to play a quick game of catch up through my pictures before April begins TOMORROW (what?!)...

Nicole and I were good friends and drove Meg to her friends wedding reception. Then she brought out cotton candy for all of us and it made the trip worth it.

i attended my last home basketball game as a student, not to mention Jimmer on the team. Sad. 
And we did the flash mob, remember?

I LOVE being at BYU cause we get to hear Apostles speak at Firesides. This night I went with these ladies to listen to Elder Perry. So awesome.

We had quite a few birthdays this month too. Birthday #1 Shout out goes to Shaun Johnson! Nicole was a good friend and put together a surprise party for him at our house. It was a great turn out! And Becks and I were a little crazy. 

Birthday Shout Out #2 goes to this gem in my life- Kaycie Q. I spent the entire day with her shopping, eating, and going to see Tangled that night! It was quite the day for her! [she deserves it]

We had a team dinner at Heathers one Sunday night where we made Homemade Pizza! It was SO delicious and SO fun to be with these fabulous people! Of course we were missing quite a few team members, but it's always so great to spend time with these people!

Since Provo weather is so whack, we take advantage of the nice, sunny days Provo gives us. This day was complete with a trip to the Sev for some slurpees, Home Depot with the windows down. and a mini dance party on our stoop. success. 

St. Particks Day came and went. This was the only footage I have of that day. The clock struck midnight and as I was getting ready for bed I decided to be sneaky and put on a green shirt, run downstairs and pinch my roommates. lo and behold, they were all wearing green too. blast. 

I got together with my freshman buddies for a grand time at Texas Roadhouse for dinner, followed by playing games, and eating some yogurt. I am always reminded how lucky I got in the friend category! I'm glad we've all stayed such good friends and try to see each other during our busy lives!

I went to Meg's cabin for the night with her and Suz in Midway! Our time there consisted of trying to keep a fire going, listening to music, lounging on the couches all night and day, and watching Bedtime Stories. Sounds ideal, right?

Last, but not least, Birthday Shout Out #3 goes to this future roommate of mine, Nicole! We celebrated her special day for 2 days since her birthday fell on a Sunday this year! But I'm so glad I was able to share this special day with her! 

Well, that's my wrap up for March! (Festival of Colors deserves it's own post so that will be blogged about soon) 
I'm excitied for April to begin tomorrow for many reasons such as:
Warmer weather (at least in the near future since we all know how dumb Utah weather is)
Braves Games are in full swing (no pun intended)
General Conference is this weekend!
I graduate from College- WHAT?!
And I get to see my amazing family!
I have a feeling April will be a great month! 

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Kaycie Q said...

You pinched me while I was in my towel all nakey! Boo :)