one of the reasons why I love the warmer weather...

spontaneous bike rides around the streets of Provo have begun!
[and of course, it's off and on because Provo weather is whack, but that's another story]
but this day was perfect!
i went to work, took a little nap, woke up to nice weather and decided to go on a bike ride with Mia and Meg.
We first had to venture to find our friend, Zack's, bike, which had been parked at school for over a week. We found it. Success. We hurried back to the house to grab my bike, Meg put on her roller blades, and we had a blast riding around the streets of Provo!
Poor Meg really wanted a bike. She was contemplating taking this little guy then all of a sudden a boy ran up and took it away cause it was "his friends". Whatever. She was devastated.
But we did take the opportunity to get some epic pictures of the one of many future bike ride adventures.
Meg is great. Need I say more?
Dear warm weather, can you please just stay here? I'm sick of the wishy washy-ness of it all. It is supposed to be Spring. Get with it. thanks.

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Meggara said...

haha yesssssssss i'm so glad for this!