sweet Kaycie + Alejandro

That's right folks... as of last night, my best friend, Kaycie Q. got engaged to Mr. Alex Foster!
I am SO SO SO excited and happy for this cute couple!
Kaycie couldn't have gotten a better guy for her! He is so tender hearted and treats Kaycie like a princess! He makes her SO happy and makes her laugh. Not to mention, they are going to have crazy talented kids! I can't wait to see the little Foster children :)
I know she is SO in love with him and couldn't be happier, so that makes me happy.
And yes, I had to put in a picture of me with these 2. I've kinda been around to witness their entire relationship and I know they are perfect for each other!
Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Foster! I love you both! I can't wait for the big day :)

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Kaycie Q said...

Thanks Ash! I'm glad you were able to be there for everything! Love you!