a little break.

Every now and then, I need to take a break from the Provo life.
Luckily, we have close family friends who live in Highland, so I called up Cyd and asked if I could just come chill and spend the day with them.
Cyd and I went to Brooklyn's class that day to help with arts and crafts and talk about our American Flag. Little kids are so funny. As I was reading this short book a kid interrupted me to ask if it was a fiction or non fiction book. What the?! I was cracking up. Kids these days.
Then we came home and took little naps on the couch before the girls got home from school. Mike and Cyd went out to dinner so I babysat the girls, made delicious homemade pizza and Brookie and I made some peach crisp! SO yummy!
Saylor Baby likes to make a cheesy smiley face sometimes and we had to capture the moment. She is such a crack up. (And Avery's choice of "makeup" on her face- haha)
It's always great to get away from the college scene every once in awhile and just hang out with 4 adorable girls for the night. I'm just glad they don't mind me barging in our their busy lives to come and hang out every so often.


emilymcb said...

Come visit me next time you need to get out of Provo! (I'm not coming down at all this month.)

Britt said...