Sweet Kaycie.

It is a special day today for my sweet Kaycie.
Today, is her 24th day of birth and I am oh-so-grateful she was born!

Kaycie and I met back in the day at EFY when we were just babies. We shared a bathroom and were in the same group of the best year I had! The years went on and we became better friends!
Here is proof of our baby-ness:
Kaycie has been such a wonderful friend to me over the years! I can't even imagine my life without her! She has been there for me through EVERYTHING-happiness, excitement, frustration, sadness, and anger. Through it all, I knew that I could and still can count on this sweet friend of mine! She never complains about me complaining constantly; she sits there, listens, and understands me. I trust her with my life. How many people are lucky with a friend like that? Not many.
I've had the privilege to share a room with this girl this year! After all this time, we finally became roommates and it has been such a fun experience! I love that we don't have to try to find out where each other is during our crazy lives. We both live in the same house and will most likely see each other everyday (unless one of us are out of town or working late or something like that). Regardless, she brightens up my day and I'm glad that things worked out this year so we could live in the same house together!
Kaycie knows me. She knows that I'm a semi light sleeper and she is so thoughtful and caring when she comes into the room at night if I'm asleep. She knows when I am truly excited about something. She knows when I'm having a hard time. I can't count how many times she has sent me a "thinking of you/I love you" text just when I've needed it, one of our many random post-it notes left on our mirror just to say hi and we care, or even after a long hard day, she leaves treats on my bed. I know that Kaycie truly loves me and cares for my happiness. Words can't even express how much that has meant to me.
Kaycie LOVES her family! She will call her grandma weekly to just say hi and that she loves her. It's the sweetest thing. And she LOVES her parents and sisters more than anything. She always talks to highly of them and it just impresses me so much. Family is so important to Kaycie and you can tell by her words and actions.
Kaycie is a fun girl to be around. She makes me laugh. It's nice to know that I can count on her for a good laugh or she'll say or do something that'll cheer me up. AND she likes to laugh at me- yes, she thinks I am a funny person (sometimes?) It's nice to think that some people think I am funny. She probably just laughs cause she feels sorry for me and wants to make me feel like I can be funny :) What a good friend.
Kaycie shares the same love for the Atlanta Braves as I do. It's nice to have a die hard and crazy friend alongside you. Yes, you know the story, we decided just a few days before playoffs that were going to drive to San Francisco for a game. Craziest thing of my life. However, it was the most epic game I've EVER been to- and I'm glad I got to share that moment with her. Nothing can top that trip. ever.
July 4th is a great day for Kayc and I cause it is when we met. We decided to celebrate our 5 year "friendiversary" this past summer in between sessions of EFY. Call us ridiculous but it was the only and BEST friendiversary party I've ever been to! Sparklers, Soda Pop, yucky swamp water, and great EFY co-workers surrounded us on this great day. It was a fun time for sure. I know that we'll have many more friendiversaries :)
Kayc is proud to be a BYU Cougar [alumni..what?!] Whether it's basketball, football, baseball... Kayc will be by my side cheering them on. It's definitely been a fun time over the past few years supporting our sport teams together!
Kaycie has a good taste in music! We've been to a few epic concerts together this year and they have been so much fun! [Does the Justin Bieber movie/concert count? K, I think so.] Regardless... we love the same kind of music, which means we have some pretty awesome jam sessions together.
Kaycie is such a hardworker! She has graduated from BYU and we'll get to walk together in April, which I am SO excited about! She also takes on 3 jobs! How in the world can anyone do that? Oh ya, Kaycie can. She's just that great! I've never seen a girl work harder in school and work than she does. Seriously, such a trooper.
Kaycie LOVES to dance! This summer after EFY was over, we spent a few days in Florida with some friends. One night, we went to the beach nearby and went to a drum circle! Greatest thing ever and right up Kaycie's alley. She got in there and shook what her mama gave her! This lady knows how to dance! If only I could dance as great as she could. However, I love the random dance parties we have as roommates, even if we just wake up and roll out of bed. Justin Bieber will always make us dance. Regardless, she is a fun person to dance with, even if she shows me up! :)
Welp, you could have guessed this. Kaycie has the same obsession and love as I do with EFY. We are going on our last and final year this summer, which makes me sad. We've had SO many great times working at EFY over the years. It's been a huge part of our lives and who we are. We'll make this year the best one yet, I can feel it. She is an inspiration to me-I totally look up to her and the example she's been to me. You know that she loves this gospel so much and will stand up to anyone who will fight her about it. We love EFY and I'm glad she shares that love with me.
Need a good road trip buddy? Kaycie is the one to go with! Kayc and I have almost been every where together! We drove from Georgia to Utah one summer, went to California last April and October, and this past summer drove to Florida for EFY. This summer? We're adding a few more stops to Miami and Kentucky. Woot woot! It's always a party in the car with Kayc Face.
Kaycie is one talented chica! Like I mentioned before, she loves to dance! She was on the hip hop team and folk dance teams at BYU. And she took many other dance classes! She LOVES it. And she is an incredible singer! Oh my lanta, to hear sweet Kaycie sing is such a treat. I wish I could sing as great as she does. Seriously. It's like the angels above has graced us with their presence when she starts to sing. Sometimes at church, I'll either try to sing like her or just sing quietly so I can hear her. (is that embarrassing to admit?) And on top of all of that- she loves to play the piano. She can look at the page and just play. If only I could steal her talents... is that alright Kayc?
If you couldn't tell, this girl means a whole lot to me! She is someone I look up to and hope that I can be just as great as she is one day! She is such a strong, happy, loving, funny, caring, friendly, spiritual, sensitive, talented, adorable, sweet Kaycie. The list can obviously go on forever, but just know that this girl is one great lady. I have felt so blessed to have her in my life and how our friendship has continued to grow over the years.
I love you so much Sweet Kaycie! :)
I hope you know how much you mean to me! I couldn't ask for a greater friend like you!
Happy 24th Birthday! I hope it is a great one because you deserve it!


Kaycie Q said...

Thanks, Ash!
This took a lot of time and it really meant a lot! Thank you for all of your kind words! I sure love you and am grateful you are in my life! LOVE YOU!

Lori said...

I am so grateful that you two have each other. There is nothing like an eternal girlfriend and sister. and trust me, you will be so grateful for each other in the many years to come! Thank you for your sweet words about Kaycie, Ash. We feel the exact way about you! Love, Mama Maurer