graduation weekend!

so once all the craziness of graduation was over, it was onto the craziness of packing up and moving out of my house. i sure did love that house, besides a few reasons that I will not get into. 
But I loved, loved, LOVED my roommates and this year was a lot of fun! 
Kayc and I decided to take one last picture in front of Green Gables. 
 After everything was moved out from mine and Callie's places, we went to In N out with the fam bam plus Logan, who came into town just for a day! 
 And we watched the Braves game on Cal's computer while watching the Hawks game on the real tv. What can I say? We are pretty dedicated Atlanta fans. 
 Then we all went down to Park City for the weekend and went hot tubbing every night. 
 During the weekend, I went up to Bountiful for Sweet Kaycie's bridal shower thrown by her Sisters and Mother... it was a grand time and the decorations were adorable (of course, cause Krista is just like that). And I thought K + A was Kaycie + Ashley... not Alex, oops. haha
 For Easter Sunday, the family went up to SLC for the Spoken Word, which was so great. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is amazing. The music was beautiful and it was a great way to start my day and focus it around Christ. 
We also went to our favorite pizza place on Main Street, enjoyed some ice cream to celebrate Lexie making the cheerleading team for the next school year, and spent some good family time together.

It was a great weekend.
I sure do have a great family.

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