once upon a time...

I graduated. 
i can't even begin to describe how it feels. 
i am done with school....forever! 
whatttt? is this even real life?
it still didn't seem real to me even though i was wearing a cap and gown. 
it didn't seem real to me as they called out my name and i walked across the stage shaking hands with people from my school. 
but, i did it. i graduated and it was a grand time!

It was so great to have Miss Kaycie Q by my side during both ceremonies! How many people can say they graduated with one of their best friends? Not many. We had a blast together during our college careers and I can't wait to see the different kinds of adventures we'll go on and where we'll end up!
Here are the BYU Grads of the fam- Brandon and I. 
I am the first in my immediate family to graduate from college, but I'm also the first on my Mom's side of the family to graduate from BYU! woo hoo!
I really couldn't have survived almost my entire college career without these two people in my life. They have been my saving grace so many times over the years. Most people aren't as lucky as I have been to have 2 of my siblings out at school with me for almost 4 years (cause I am a 5 year plan kinda person). We had classes together, we were roommates, we had Friday sibling lunches, we went on road trips, we were friends. I have loved and will always cherish every moment we have spent together at BYU. 
It was SO awesome that my little brother and sister got to come to graduation as well! It wasn't in the original plans and I was super bummed about it. But things worked out and I was so happy to have these two faces fly across the country to come support me! They are such awesome kids! And since when did they grow up?! I leave for college and they are just babies and now, Cody is taller than me and Lexie is GORGEOUS and is looking like a 16 year old. Man, I am getting old. But I love those 2 brothers and 2 sisters I have. We all have such a great time when we are together! I really got lucky with awesome siblings! 
And where would I be without two of my biggest fans who have supported me and cheered me on throughout my entire life?! I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today without them helping me, inspriring me, and pushing me to my limits! I love you Mom and Dad! 
And I have the most awesome grandparents anyone could ever  ask for! 
They have loved me through everything and have been HUGE supporters and influences in my life! I am so grateful they were able to come to my graduation. They are one of a kind.

Even the Reeve girls came to my graduation (and the girls missed school for it!) They are my family away from home! It meant so much to see these darling girls there and cheering me on! Whenever days got rough or I needed a break from Provo, I would call up Cyd and she was always more than happy to have me come up to visit them in Highland. It was always great to get away, play with those darling girls, and have some delicious food! I am SO glad they moved to Utah a few years ago! 
And to top of the most amazing day surrounded by the people I love, my parents got me a new camera! I have always wanted a nicer camera, but never knew when it would be the right time to ask for one. Well, I figured now is the right time and I am in LOVE with it! Thanks so much Mom and Dad!
And after graduation, we all went to Brick Oven to celebrate and it was delicious! 
I feel so accomplished with the years I spent at BYU. There were countless nights of frustration, tears, and stress, but also times of joy, happiness, and feelings of success. 
I worked HARD to get into this school so every second spent around this beautiful campus meant so much more to me. I wanted to make every second worth it. 
I have learned some great life lessons, I have met some AMAZING people and life long friends, and my testimony has been strengthened SO much over the past 5 years. I know there will never be another moment in my life like this.
I am grateful for BYU and for the opportunity I was given to attend such a great University. 
Now, it's off to the scary, yet adventurous world of real life and being grown up! 


Kaylie and Garrett said...

Congrats! Doesn't it feel so weird and unreal? Are you going to be looking for a job in Utah now?!?!

Ashley Kay said...

yes ma'm i will be starting in the fall! i'm home in georgia for the summer!