one of my most favorite places to go eat these days is Texas Roadhouse so it was a given that I needed to go at least one more time before I went home for the summer. 
i think their prices are pretty decent for the amount of food we get, and it is so delicious!
for instance, have you ever had their warm rolls with the honey cinnamon butter? HEAVEN!
 Colbs and I LOVE these rolls. 
Another thing I love is how they celebrate birthdays! [but only when we are the ones celebrating cause otherwise it gets annoying]
On this special occasion to Texas, we celebrated this little tikes birthday, Mr. Matthew Tidwell. He said he wasn't going to ride that saddle, but let's be honest here- Tidwell loves the attention ;) 
But we did have a grand time as you can tell by the pictures below:
Here was one side of our dysfunctional group- Tidwell, Cody, Mia, and Coco. 
...and I was getting some last time lovin' by Colbs and Dal. 
All in all, we had a successful trip to Texas.
And I sure do miss my neighbors. 

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