hasta la vista.

My last day of working at the Pre Professional Advisement Center was a bittersweet day after working there for over 15 months. 
I have LOVED this job and have really liked my co-workers! You don't hear too often that you have enjoyed working with everyone at your office, but we were all like a little family. We had office parties, went to wedding receptions together, and I would get teased about my love with the Braves, but I would dish it right back out. Needless to say, I always looked forward to going to work. 

Spring is the craziest/busiest time working there because of all the crazy med and dental students who are applying to schools. I mean, I know it's my job and all, but they come in a lot or will be calling all the time... and to be honest- sometimes these people get on my last nerve. So I was slightly relieved I don't have to deal with them this summer. 

But on mine and Steve's last day of work there, we did some partying with pizza and slurpees. 
 We got a little creative and made a copy of all of the people who were leaving the office's name tags and posted it above the mail boxes so they wouldn't forget us. [hopefully it's still there]
 Jessica had a fun time taking pictures with me on my last day there and I took a cute little picture of her from the view at my desk. I'll sure miss her!
I was SO grateful that I had the opportunity to work at this office and meet some great people! 
It was a great experience for me and I hope I can find another job that I would like as much as this one!

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Darcy Marie said...

I remember my last day at PPAC! Truly bittersweet. But yes, that place is such a great place to work, I miss it!