y'all come back now ya hear?

The South Carolina trip was short, but sweet and SO much fun!
As soon as I got to South Carolina and was greeted by my wonderful boys, I changed, and we left to go to Katie's for a dinner the night before the wedding. It was a fun, relaxing night. 
Kyle said the only thing the south could give him were fireflies. [OBVIOUSLY there is a lot more] But that night we ventured outside the house we were staying in to look for some. Carter and I saw you about a minute after we walked out, but Kyle wasn't going to believe they existed till he saw one. So we sat on our back porch for about 5 minutes and all of a sudden, Kyle is holding onto me so tight, saying "LOOK!" and sure enough, there was a firefly just lighting up constantly across the trees. He was SO excited and a happy little boy! So he was satisfied. He saw a firefly. 
We get inside, and the other boys are sitting on the bed upstairs watching a movie on Cam's computer, so I joined in and shortly after Carter and Kyle did too. And that is how Cam's last night as a single man was spent. It was great.
The next morning, we headed to the temple, and they were sealed! They came out GLOWING and so happy and in love. I couldn't be any happier for the both of them.
Here is a picture of the groomsmen, plus me. [I kept telling people that if I were a boy, I'd be a groomsmen]
We had a few hours in between the wedding and reception so I took Carter and Nick to this water hole place some of the bridesmaids told us about. The water was super blue and pretty, we weren't technically allowed to be there so the boys jumped in and we left. 
But we also saw this really cool old machine so we had to take a few pictures there too.

Then it was picture time for the wedding party and I had nothing better to do before the reception so I tagged along. 
And then this little adventure happened. 
We had to run to walmart and the house to get a few things during the reception. It took us to a Walmart that was further away so we ended up being gone for about an hour. So on our way back to the reception, we spot a cop. He clocked me going 53 in a 35. And to be completely honest, the speed limit was 45 and I didn't see a 35 sign until after I saw the cop and realized I would be pulled over. 
Luckily we choose the right and I got off with a warning. I told him we aren't from here, we were late to a wedding (as he could tell from the tuxes and balloons all over the car), and I thought the speed limit was 45. Thank goodness he was a nice officer. 
They got to drive off in Katie's Dad's camaro so we had to be careful when decorating the car. But they did a great job.
It was so fun to spend some time with my favorite boys and I was SO excited that they were in the South with me! I'm pretty sure that will never happen again. But I think they enjoyed themselves. 
I was so glad I got to be a part of their special day. Cam has been one of my best friends since Freshman year and to see him so in love and so happy made me happy. It was a great wedding!
We sent them off with sparklers and after a few more songs we got to dance to, the party was done. 
But we enjoyed our stay on Ashepoo Dr. And don't worry, I never heard the end of that one during the weekend and would be referred to that as my name by these boys. Seriously, what are the chances?
I think the humidity got to Carter's hair a little too much, don't you think?
Ok, ok, so maybe it wasn't the humidity. But I noticed the night before that his hair was SO long, but it's just so curly you don't notice. So, he allowed me to straighten his hair. What a great friend!
So the trip was a success and a lot of fun. 
It was crazy that my friends were here in the South for once. 
We all had a fun time together and was sad the trip was so short. 
But congrats to Katie and Cam on their special day! Love you guys! :)

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