the summer life.

i know i'm back home when my life is surrounded by baseball. 
out of the first 7 days that I have been home...I have attended:

2 of my baby brothers tournament baseball games,
 (see that boy in the blue lying on the base line? don't worry, that's Cody on the ground after he popped out to end the 2nd game.. did I happen to mention it's one of my favorite pictures of him?)

 and I have gone to 3 Braves games!
Game 1: Braves vs. The Nationals
Game 2: Braves vs the Phillies
 they had the sweetest jersey's that day for the Civil Rights weekend games!
this game also included seeing some awesome friends, 
 and a free Ludacris concert after the game... yes, it was pretty epic.
 Game 3: Braves vs. Astros..it was a little chilly that night so I happily busted out my Braves sweatshirt for the game!
 and when I haven't been at the games, I have watched the rest of them on t.v. 
What can I say? I kinda love baseball. :)


Devin & Lindsay said...

how cute are you and your family? oh so cute!! can we switch places... you look like you're having way too much fun! jealous!

Kaycie Q said...

GAH! I'm SOO beyond jealous! it's cold, rainy, and no baseball going on here!