Church Ranch.

so let's go back to EFY, shall we? [yep, still not done talking about it]
After our session in St. Pete, our team plus a few counselors stopped at Jorden's place for the night in St. Cloud, Florida on our way down to Ft. Lauderdale. 
And our dear friend Jorden just happens to live on the church ranch down there in Florida!
Let me just say, we did not know what we were in for! 
Once we got there and ate some lunch, we went to the swimming hole on the ranch and it was so much fun! Nothing I have ever seen before! 
They had different kinds of rope swings to play on,
And this sweet tube slide!
After we spent a few hours there, we got to go on an airboat ride with Jorden's daddy!
It was such a fun and exciting experience!
We just drove around for a bit, got to look at the beautiful scenery...
and look out for some gators!
We found this baby one...
And then Jorden caught a bigger one! 
I honestly don't know how I had the courage to hold this thing, but I did it! Of course a few seconds after the picture was taken, I would make someone take it away as quickly as possible! But cool right?
Immediately after that, we headed over to the horse ranch
where we got to go horseback riding, 
relaxed in the back of the truck looking up at the beautiful sky, 
and watched the beautiful sunset in St. Cloud, Florida. 
Jorden's family was so sweet to have 13 people just come invade their house for the night and feed all of us and entertain us for the day! I am so glad we got to go spend a little time over where Jorden grew up and meet his fam bam! 
And seriously, if you ever want to go on a marathon date, I suggest going to the church ranch. It was such a fun day for all of us, even if we were completely exhausted already! 
We definitely were all sad that we had to leave already, but hopefully we can make it back there again sometime! We all had a blast! 

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Meggara said...

look at your life! you are holding an alligator!!!!