Life in the Dirty South.

Confession: I-Love-Georgia.
But I'm hoping people already know that by now because I just RAVE about it so much. Seriously, the South is the best place to live and I'm SO glad I got to spend some weeks there this summer during the crazy life. 
After EFY ended, I got to hang out a lot with these two kids before they started school. So one time we went to the lake and I got to watch these kids ski like it's no big deal. I love the lake with all my heart. I'm sad I couldn't go as much this summer since I wasn't around too often.
One night we went to the Braves game during one of the HOTTEST games I have ever been to. Seriously, we had to leave early because it was so miserable out there. 
For Cody's birthday, I got him a ticket for the Rascal Flatts concert! He was quite excited about it. My Dad and Lexie also got to join us because we got a few free tickets from my Mom's work. Like the night at the Braves game, it was miserable outside until...
the rain came. and it came for a while. but at least it cooled things down and stopped raining before Rascal Flatts came out. 
and I wore a white shirt that night. bad choice on my part. but all was well. 
I think it's safe to say he had a great time and I am his favorite sister :)
Mom and I talked about going to the Farmer's Market ALL summer, but it would never work out because I'd either be gone on Saturdays or something crazy was going on that day. So we finally got to go and enjoyed getting some pretty flowers for our kitchen and bought some delicious peaches. 
Oh, and this one time my very good friend, Nick, decided to show up in Atlanta for the day! He actually had to change some flights going back home from New Hampshire and was able to connect in Atlanta for the night! We had a fun time catching up and showing him around downtown! I was so happy to this face!
Miss Rachel Leigh stayed at my house for a few nights after we went to Kaycie's wedding (post coming soon). So one night we were over at a family friends and celebrated the 4th of July a little late? 
And my Florida EFY friends came up for a visit and to go to one of the best Braves Games I've been too! So much excitement happened so I'm glad they got to witness that! And I'm glad I got to see these awesome friends of mine. 
The next night I went with my Mom to another great game! 
Don't worry, this wasn't the next night although I almost went again that day. But I went with these 2 boys a few nights later for my last game of the season! It was a great game to end on though. Hopefully these boys can come nearby for playoffs again so I can see them! 
This puppy became my best friend my last week home. The kids were in school, Dad was in Utah with Tay, and my Mom was at work. Therefore, I was by myself for the day. But don't worry, Becker and I had a fun time together. Every night when I came upstairs to get ready for bed, I'd turn around and there he was, just standing in my doorway. He loves me. I wish I could bring him to Utah. 
And this brother of mine has turned into quite the stud. No braces, getting tall and buff.... WHO IS HE?! Seriously, love this baby brother of mine! I want him to visit Utah too! Besides my graduation, he hasn't been in forever so I think he needs to pay us a little visit out here. 
I'll admit, I was super sad leaving home. Even though I don't have a life there anymore and I was excited for Utah again, I hate leaving the beautiful place I grew up in. And I hate leaving my family. I am so glad I got to spend some time there this summer. If you've never been, come visit. You will not be disappointed. 
So long sweet Georgia, I'll see ya during the Christmas season! 

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LindsayNicole said...

Ash! So glad you are having an amazing summer! Let me know next time you are here in GA and we can play! :)