The EFY Life [Week 5]

Welcome to Kentucky. Only the HOTTEST place ever! We happened to be there during the oh-so-wonderful heat wave that decided to come our way so we were literally walking around and up BIG hills in what felt like 115 degrees. no lie. it was miserable.

However, if you put that aside- it was a fantastic way to end our southern sessions! I had a GREAT group of counselors for my last week as a BC. Seriously, these girls are fabulous and I love them dearly. 
And have I mentioned how much I LOVED my team?! We were just this cute little family and had such a fun summer together! We all added a little quirkiness to the group and helped each other survive early mornings and late nights. I couldn't have imagined a better team than being with these fine people. I miss them all! 
The majority of us joined in on FHE treat deliveries every week, which was one of our favorite things to do. We didn't drive around in a van that week, but we enjoyed walking around squirting people who weren't stayed hydrated (Jorden) and playing games with different groups. Fruit roll ups will forever hold a special place in my heart. They helped me survive some weeks when we had extras laying around the site office. 
I had a fun summer with some great friends! It was the longest the south sessions have been so it was fun to spend SO much time with some incredible people who are huge examples in my life. 
Due to the heat wave, we had to have games night in the WKU Areana. Ya, we felt pretty awesome. 
And maybe I LOVED Kate and Daniel's kids that week! It's hard as a BC sometimes because you don't get to have your own youth and get to know them super well. But these kids became my friend on Day 1 and just loved me. I'm just glad Kate and Daniel shared them with me :) They were awesome kids. 
Our goal is to have them in the handbook next summer so we got all the kids in the arena after games to form this and it was AWESOME! it took a little while to get it all organized, but once it was complete it was sweet. 
We enjoyed our last pizza night together in the lobby. I would be lying if I said I didn't crave pizza every Wednesday now (or pretty much every day for that matter). I loved pizza nights. We just ran around to different counselors to party with their kids and ask who their counselor crushes were (since we didn't know the kids in their group too well). It was always entertaining. 
On Thursday, there was this HUGE storm that lasted for about an hour where it was just pouring and the wind was blowing so hard. Trees were breaking and falling, and this one just happened to be right outside of our dorm. nbd. 
We wanted to pretend that we went to the school so we all bought a little souvenir (matching t-shirts of course). And just danced in the streets. Definitely a highlight from the week. 
And the slow, creepy elevator rides in our dorm were always a good time. I was always scared that I was going to get stuck.
I had some AWESOME fellow BC's to work with this summer. We had a lot of laughs, had lots of deep convos, jammed to the BSB CD every day thanks to Philip who purchased that bad boy at Walmart a few weeks back,and made quite a few food runs to Taco Bell. We were part of the Captain Planet crew and became super close over the past 5 weeks. I miss my brothers and sisters! 
The ice cream there was to DIE for. Just soft served that up every day. I may or may not have had that every lunch and dinner.. okay maybe almost every time. Good thing I walked up a huge hill countless times a day. 
Remember how I talked about Kate and Daniel's kids? Ya... I definitely tucked in these two gems EVERY night. They were a crack up. I love them. 
We all wore our matchy new Hilltopper (yes hilltoppers is the mascot. what the?!) tshirts on Saturday morning. Shed a lot of tears that day and said bye to every one.
I couldn't believe the 5 weeks were over! It had been such a fun summer and I felt SO blessed to work with some amazing people! I'm not gonna lie, after the Friday night dance, I bawled like a little baby. Just tears constantly streaming down my face. I felt like a participant and I was getting pay back for making fun of the kids crying every week. I was so sad that EFY in the south was already done! 5 weeks. that's a long time. I have learned and grown so much and have met some incredible people that are now some of my great friends :)
I love EFY and feel so blessed that I have been a part of something so incredible for the past 5 summers. 


Angie Milne said...

you are too cute. that is all.

oh and i wish i could be a counselor with you. annnnnnnnd, i miss you!

Kaycie & my Alex said...

i missss it!