my name is Suzanne, I live in Africa this summer, and today is my birthday, blah blah blah...

This is a birthday shout out all the way to Africa to one of my favorite roommates from Green Gables (and let's just make things clear... ALL of my roommates were my favorites this year). But today I will focus on Miss Suzanne Marie Whitehead cause it is her blessed day of birthday and I am SO glad she was brought to this earth so we could meet down the road and become roommates :) 
  There are SO many things I love about this woman, so let me share just a "few" in case you aren't aware why this girl is SO amazing.

I love Suzanne because she LOVES people and loves making new friends. Suzanne was the first roommate I met last August and I was so nervous about not knowing in the house anyone but Kaycie. But Suzaane was instantly so loving and friendly to me. She likes to make others feel good and that's such a good attribute to have. She is always there for me and I knew I could turn to her for anything and she would listen and sometimes just give great advice.  I knew that we would be great friends this year and we were :)
(and this would be the first picture we had together)
I love Suzanne because she will dance with me anywhere, anytime. The car, the driveway, anywhere in the house... even at 8 am you could have found the roomies upstairs jamming to J. Biebs or whatever or little hearts desired while getting ready for the day. But she loves to jam to music and so do I so it's a pretty healthy friendship. 
I love Suzanne because she likes to "pounce". Yes, I just said that Suz and no, that doesn't mean you  can pounce on me still. But she would come into my room (whether or not I was sleeping) and at random hours of the day and if I was on my bed or on a couch, she would "pounce" on me. Most of the time it would be cause I made some sarcastic comment so that was her getting back at me. She's once crazy lady, but she always makes things exciting. 
I love Suzanne because even though it took her the ENTIRE school year, she has now converted to being a slurpee lover! She was a champ and tried one at the beginning of our friendship and wasn't a fan. But she still would support me and come to the sev with me for a slurpee run. But now, she loves slurpees so I shall take her to the Sev when were are finally reunited and buy her a birthday slurpee! 
I love Suzanne because she is always up for anything. She isn't one of those people who likes to just sit at home after a long day of school and be boring. If something is going on, she'll go! Concerts, Dance parties, going to get food... she is your go-to girl! She even will go on last minute road trips just because they sound like a better time than Provo- but who can blame her? Whenever I'm in the  mood to do something crazy and random, I know I can count on Suz to be by my side. 
I love Suzanne because she liked to sit out on our "stoop" with me when the weather was being nice. And it was always a good time with yummy treats, good music, the sun shining on our faces, and good company :)
I love Suzanne because she will help me out with legal stuff because she wants to be a lawyer. We've had some pretty rough experiences living in our house this year, but she was always making sure everything was being handled the right way. Nothing can get passed this girl. And there was another experience where I needed to legal skills, but I'm slightly embarrassed so we'll leave it at that. She is a good helper :) 
I love Suzanne because she was a part of the Green Gable Ladies. I've mentioned before how blessed I was this past year to be put with such AMAZING girls. We all added something fun and exciting to the house and just loved each other! Life in the house would not have been the same without Suzanne! 
I love Suzanne because she was always up for the crazy idea of making breakfast or going out to breakfast as roommates! and sometimes they were a little earlier than we'd like. But we had our roommate breakfast days and had such a fun time! And of course we'd have music playing so we could be jamming out too. I'll speak on behalf of Suzanne and myself when I say our favorite part of roommate breakfast was the fact that we got to go "pounce" on everyone else who was sleeping to wake them up and get them out of bed! Breakfast with the roommates was always worth getting up early for.
I love Suzanne because she is so giving. She has spent her entire summer in Africa building different things and helping the people. She had been planning for this for months and is LOVING it. She has been such a great example to me of love and always being willing to serve.

I love Suzanne because she loves this gospel! She served a mission in the Baltics and will always talk so highly of it! I can always turn to her for some great insights on any gospel principles. I love that she loves this gospel with all of her heart and soul! You can see it by her actions and daily decisions she makes. 

I love Suzanne because she has such a cute and contagious laugh! If she starts laughing, it will make anyone laugh and bring a huge smile to their face! 
I love Suzanne because she will hang out in our vanity room with me in the late hours of the morning whether we are doing homework, supporting another roommate cutting her hair, or just hanging out. 
I love Suzanne because she will be my date for Valentines Day when I don't have one. And she's a good and fun date to have! Even if it isn't a special holiday, she will go out to eat with me and it's always a good time. 
I love Suzanne because she loves me and all my quirky-ness. I am not the most normal person, but Suzanne loves me anyways. Sometimes she'll even support me and join in on the quirky-ness. And, she will laugh at my quirky-ness, which helps me feel better about myself.
So SHOEZANNE... Happy Happy birthday my darling dear! I hope it's everything you could hope for and more! I love you! And please hurry back from Africa because this face misses you lots! 

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yay for ashley and birthday girl! love these sweet birthday posts.