flying with friends is fun.

early Saturday morning, my family of 9 flew from Ft. Lauderdale to Nashville. (yes, we are a family and that is what i refer them to as such)
Now I've been on PLENTY of road trips in my time, but never have I flown with SO many friends. we had a lot of fun trying to race through security and make sure no one in the family was missing before we boarded the plane. Southwest airlines doesn't assign seats and since we were some of the very last ones on, we all sat in the way back. they called us the troublemakers because at one point Philip was sleeping so Kayc and I got snacks and then another time Kayc and I were sleeping and Philip got a drink. So we asked the flight attendants two separate times for the things we missed out on while sleeping. but let's get real, they LOVED us. and it's nice to just sit all comfy and cozy with your friends next to you [and getting massages of course]. we had fun. 
and we got greeted by the fiance who had been waiting for a few hours in the airport for our arrival. what a gem.
and we somehow managed to pile in 2 vans full of everyone's stuff plus fitting 10 people. some miracle.
We decided to take a little time before we drove to Kentucky to go downtown Nashville and explore. So, we had a good time eating at the Hard Rock Cafe,
and finding all sorts of funny things while walking around.
It was fun to just walk around an explore for awhile instead of constant traveling. But after a few hours, we decided it was time to make our way to Bowling Green, Kentucky for one last hurrah as a family in the South! 

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