i've been obsessed with this weather Provo's been having. 
So on one Saturday, Becks and I decided to take a ride once my bike was finally fixed! (thanks Cam)
We strolled around the streets of Provo, got some treats at the 711 (where my bike accidentally spilled Becky's drink while this pic was being set up to take...don't worry I got her a new one), and then the weather wasn't so nice and rained on us all the way back to my place. Regardless, it was still a fun ride!
The next night, Jared and Ellie invited us over for dessert at their new place in Springville! 
Aren't these the best faces you could ever want to have visit you? Thought so. 
 Their house was darling and it was fun to get together and hang out one night before all the families came into town for graduation! I love how they just know me so well and ask where my camera is and why I haven't taken any pictures. Love them. 
 And i love my boys! So sad to miss Nick Jones and Nick Barnes on this fun occasion! 
Life is good people. Challenging and unexpected at times, but good. 

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