Last weekend the friends and I hit up the biggest Mormon Hindu celebration in Spanish Fork.
Seriously, EVERYONE goes to this these days that there are now 5 different times you can go just on Saturday to "throw colors" and dance to the Hindu music. It's quite the festival that I've been a part of a couple of times.
Well this year didn't disappoint me. I made the voyage to the Hindu Temple with the old, yet fabulous roommates Britt and Suz and dragged Kyle along to be with all us girls (bless his heart). 
There were MASSES of people everywhere and this year they decided they were going to start charging admission to get in, so it was even more crazy. But we slithered our way through crowds, paid our fee, ran to the middle of the crowd literally as they were counting down from 10, and made it JUST in time for colors being thrown everywhere! 
We had a successful round 1. We were pretty proud of ourselves to make it for that throwing so we didn't have to wait another 2 hours.
After that event, we went to purchase our own colors and had our own little festival throwing.
Soon enough we had quite the variety of color all over our bodies and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside!
We even got to run into our dear marrieds and the Wait sibs! That was such a treat!

Britt's friend, Lindsay, came a little late so we saved some colors to throw at her right before we left.

This event has been one of my favorite things I have done in Utah over the past few years. For all you Utah people who haven't done it before, I'd say it's worth it although it's now becoming a little too popular for my liking.
Festival 2012 was a great time with the help of some good company.

it was worth the pain and nastiness when it would get thrown into our eyes, mouth, and nose. 
Happy Festival Of Colors you filthy animals!


lauren erin said...

i've always wanted to go to this! looks so fun!

Nicole Erin said...

blog more.