conference time.

I love conference weekend! I get spiritually fed and enlightened by some incredible men and women that are called by God.  SO many incredible talks, musical numbers, and fun times throughout the weekend.
Suz and I got lucky with some tickets for the Saturday morning session. 
Due to the construction that decides to be EVERYWHERE in Utah, we decided to leave not just 1 or 2, but THREE hours before conference people. That's 7 am. yikes.
But guess what? We hit no traffic and was in SLC before 8. 
So we decided to grab some delicious breakfast at Einstein Bagels,
 and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and walked around Temple Square for a little bit.
Thanks to this cute girl for the tickets, it was an enjoyable time sitting with these fabulous ladies and Sam, the only boy brave enough to be with us. I love getting this opportunity to attend conference cause I know this won't happen many more times once I leave Utah so I'll take every chance I can get!
After an incredible session of conference, we decided to hit up the new City Creek Mall right across from Temple Square. That place is AMAZING! So many people around, but one of the greatest things that has happened to Utah in awhile. Way to go.
We decided to go big and have Cheesecake Factory for lunch with some of Suz's EFY California people and also had to enjoy some delicious cheesecake! So worth it. 
Sadly the weather got a little crazy with the wind so we only walked around a little more in hopes of finding our dear sister missionary, Natalie Savage, but had no luck with that.
but I did find another Georgia Peach, Sister Bekah DeBoer! So fun seeing her! I can't believe she is almost coming back! Crazy how fast time can fly!
The next day was spent in Park City with the Reeves and Holders. I forget what it's like to be surrounded by children during conference. (you only listen to a few bits and pieces before one of them needs attention) Regardless, it was fun to be surrounded by my family away from home! I love spending time with these adorable girls!! 
Conference weekend feels like a vacation. It's a nice break from the ordinary weekend routines, but it always goes by way too fast! However, I got to enjoy the weekend with some great company and loved hearing the messages from the leaders of the church! 
Can't wait for October! 

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