just one of those days...

1. thursday is donut day at work so i pick up the donuts every week. not today. someone had already gotten them. aka the dirty shop guys next door. dirt bags. no breakfast for me.
2. wanted to watch the braves opening game today during my lunch break. boss is going to SLC for 3 hours, right during the game. oh well. bad timing.
3. braves lost. 'nuff said.
4. was purchasing my stuff at walmart & left my wallet in the car. brb.
5. committee members bailing 24 hours before our church activity when they were in charge of bringing something. perfect timing.
6. turned on the shower to get it warm only to come back in and see that I have flooded the bathroom floor because someone turned our shower head outside the bath tub. ya, cause that makes sense. 
7. and while in that shower, it turned ice cold. for the last 5 minutes. not enjoyable.

Now let's turn this debbie downer into some happier things of my day:
1. went to the temple with Mia and we were in and out in less than an hour. that NEVER happens in Provo.
2. after the temple we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Magleby's Fresh. i had pancakes. good move making breakfast all day long. 

Dear Thursday, I'm glad you are almost over. 


KaycieQ said...

Breakfast all day?! I'm so happy they did that. They're still dirtbags though...


Nicole Erin said...


Lunch with john & jbish.
Broom hockey.
show with friends.
planning for the next day.
wearing an amazing outfit!

love you.