Meggie Moo...

Folks, today is a great day for this girl.
It is the day of her 25th birthday!!
 I couldn't pass up this opportunity to give her a shout out because I think she is just fabulous! 
(if you couldn't tell from this wonderful picture below)
To read all the great stuff about this old roomie of mine, take a look at the post I made last year. 
Happy Happy birthday cute lady friend of mine! I love you so much meg and hope boston treats you well on this special day!
p.s. i miss you. 

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Meggara said...

Okay so maybe this month has been crazy and i haven't looked at my google reader for weeks and just barely saw this! It was such a nice surprise! Thank you for always being the sweetest and most thoughtful friend/roommate. I sure do love you and I'm so glad mindy brought us together before I left! I'm going to steal that last picture because I'm obsessed with it. Please come to Boston soon! Love love love you