fun filled weekends.

the best weekends are the times where i spend them with my best friends!
i first went to my ward activity where we played some intense broom ball! it was quite the successful evening and SO much fun!
 later that night was spent with these fun people in my life at Shaun's musical improv in PG. we always have a good time watching him perform!
Saturday the weather was being nice so Becks and I decided to hit up the BYU baseball game that afternoon. she was a sport for lasting so long at the game with me. 
that night, this guy was playing at a concert night at someone's house. 
 so we rounded up the ladies and had a fun time there as well. 

and any evening spent with Brother Bear is always a fun time.
 Easter Sunday was surprisingly a huge success! After church I went to Tay's and Nick's to enjoy a delicious meal! Honestly, one of the best I've ever had! Not too bad for a bunch of college kids, right?
And it was nice to be able to spend some of it with family! Soon Tay and I won't be living in the same state so I gotta take those opportunities to spend time with him when I can! 
This weekend will go down in the books as a success! 

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