baby sister comes to utah!

Lucky for us, this gem came back to utah for another trip during her Spring Break!
And of course, she remembered how much she loved J-Dawgs this past summer, so it was our first stop once we got back from Denver. She was wishing to see Jimmer there. No luck. Maybe next time?
Our days were a little crazy since we were trying to end our semester and still had to work, so we didn't do too many exciting things except go to yummy food places, play the Wii, and she'd read her book at times. I also took her to Comedy Sportz for a sister night with Nicole and Kristine (and Zack and Lendrum, but I want to make it sound more like a sister date), But sadly, we did not take any documentations of that night. But it was grand time. 
Also, we did take a trip to Texas Roadhouse with the fam [thanks to Mom who paid for that one] so it was fantastic! 
Suddenly the week was over and she was heading back home! It was great to have the little sister here for the week, even if it was crazy for us!  Not to mention, getting her back to Georgia was even more of a nightmare than we anticipated. But I think she had a fun time and I can't wait to see her again next week! :) 

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Nicole Erin said...

She's such a funny girl! I loved that night. Haha she better be wanting to see me once she comes again...