i get distracted easily.

i am an official BYU graduate. what, what?!
according to kaycie, i'm "pretty" when i sleep.
i'm grateful for "Backstreet Boys" Pandora. It's the best.
i don't know much about politics. and when i say not much, i mean basically nothing.
i just learned that this is how to spell "phlegm"... that's weird.
packing up your life is one of the most stressful things.
i'm street smart, not book smart. welp, good thing i just graduated.
it's funny to me that there are some people who have never seen or have even heard of fireflies before.
i love slurpees. with all my heart and soul.
i lucked out in the roommate department this year. i'm sad it's over.

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Kaycie Q said...

you ARE pretty when you sleep. like an angel.