Meg Time.

it's this pretty ladies birthday today.
and i sure do love this Megan of mine and am SO glad we got to be roommates this year!

Meg is the creative one. She loves taking cool pictures, like this little guy. [and this was our first picture together] And maybe this was when I realized how much I love this girl. Seriously, such a fun one. And might I add, this was a fun afternoon eating some popsicles on our stoop on a warm sunny afternoon. 
Meg is part of this awesome house of the Green Gables Gals. I am SO glad we got to be roommates this year so we could become friends and have some fun late night chats or saturday homework parties. She definitely adds a little extra to our house. And I know I can speak for all of us in this house when we say we love Megan as our roommate. 
Meg loves this church. She works at the MTC on the mormon.org website to chit chat with others for HOURS about this gospel and why it is so awesome. She has a strong love and testimony for this church. She also served a mission in Taiwan! And she LOVED it and will talk to you forever about it if you'd want her to! I know she was an awesome missionary who blessed and touched SO many lives. She's always a great example to me. 
Meg LOVES to have fun. Put on some music and you can almost guarantee she'll start breaking it down for you. And, her dance moves are to DIE for. Seriously, if only I could dance the way this lady did... 
Meg is a great dresser. Only she could find some great things at Savors and make it look awesome. Or even how she will just put random things together for an outfit and look GREAT. how does she do this? I don't even know, but she looks fantastic every time. 
Meg was part of my Valentine's Day date night. Strong connection right there. 
Megan likes to be active and do fun/random things. This bike ride was probably one of the best highlights of the semester. 2 bikes, Meg on her rollerblades equals a good time. 
Oh, and have I mentioned that she's a crack up? Cause she is. She will make me laugh ALL the time. 
Meg is a great friend. We took her to a friend's reception one night and she came out with THREE things of cotton candy! We were ecstatic! What a great friend she is. Who else would do something so nice? But seriously, you know she sincerely cares about and loves her friends so much! 
So here's to this gem in my life! Love you Meg! Hope it's the greatest birthday ever because you deserve it! :)


Meggara said...

You are the sweetest sweet lady ever! thank you! Maybe i'll make a birthday post about you since I just realized it was in December... :) love you!

brynne said...

hi i'm a creep and megan's friend and loved reading this! best tribute to the best girl meggara. bravo.

Meggara said...

Don't worry that I just re-read this and just barely saw brynne's comment hahaha. This really was the nicest! You are the best