A few Saturday's ago, I got to go to the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork with these awesome friends of mine- Kyle, Nick, Amelia, and Carter. 
 We had a fun time. We stayed at the top of the Indian Temple as long as possible to avoid getting colors thrown at us earlier than they were supposed to (we weren't 100% successful, but we didn't get it too bad)
 Then we braved the crazies and went in the middle of everyone on the field, dancing to Hari Krishna music, and ready to throw our colors
 and things got wild and crazyyyyy,
 then within minutes, it was over, and we were colored and we were happy. 
We had a blast together and I'm glad I got to go with some of my greatest friends! 
 And just when I thought things couldn't get any better, as we were dusting off before getting in the car, we ran into our BFF neighbors from our ward who were heading to the next session of the Festival of Colors. 
I'm sad I have to wait another year to go to the Festival of Colors. But this definitely was an epic time with some great friends. 
 Not to mention, I have never felt so clean in my life than I did when I got home and showered.
Festival of Colors 2011? Success. 

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