the last days.

Heading to my last day of class. 
Celebrating with slurpees after taking my last final. 
And onto graduation from college!

(ya, my Dad showed up everywhere taking pictures and I felt like a star)
It is such a bittersweet feeling to know that I am done with school forever. 

...more on graduation at a later, less busy, day. 


Angie Milne said...

YAY!!!! congrats ASH! That is truly such a big accomplishment! You are incredible! Cougs for LIFE :)

Elder Mahina said...
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Devin & Lindsay said...

yay! we are done! :) how has it been for you? you know how my life is going... sitting on the couch crying watching the royal wedding haha i hope you're having a blast! are you hope yet or next week?

Ashley Kay said...

it hasn't even felt real!!! i go home a week from Monday! with this weather, I am a little antsy to leave!

Devin & Lindsay said...

i'm glad you understood that i meant home and not hope! haha but yeah i totally know what you mean... it doesn't feel real. it will probably hit us when fall comes and we don't take classes!!

Ashley Kay said...

for reallll! and we get to hang out with each other.. i mean, find a real job!