That's right folks. Another dream has come true... I got to go to a Celine Dion concert! 
On a Tuesday night, I ventured down to Vegas with these ladies [Kaycie, Nicole and Kristine] in preparation to see Celine Dion perform at Caesar's Palace on Wednesday Night! 
After trying to get some much needed rest, we went to the strip to go to just a few places before the concert. 

Caesar's Palace
 The Belagio, where they did NOT have the fountain show going. I was heart broken. But I did get to dance to a Celine song that came on over the speakers. That was fun.
 And we went to the Cheesecake Factory where there was only a 5 minute wait! We told the guy we were in a hurry cause we were going to see Celine. He understood and we were out of there in less than an hour! Great experience and such delicious food!
 Needless to say, the concert was OUT OF THIS WORLD! And did I mention how great my friends are? They bought me my ticket for my birthday! WELL worth the wait! Love you girls! Thanks for such an epic night! 
 I know that I can sometimes say that there are things that change my life, but this is definitely on top of the list. She was breathtaking and more than I could have ever anticipated! She is such a cute, classy, funny, and humble lady. Seriously, amazing. 
It will definitely be a night I will always remember!


Kaycie Q said...

i'm pretty sure only my wedding night will compare to the night I saw Celine.

Nicole said...
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