denver highlights.

i went to denver over conference weekend, mainly for a bridal shower we threw for Cal Pal.
it consisted of some family and then mostly grandma's friends. it was a great time.  
But, we did have some quality family time.  Here are some highlights: 
-started the trip to McDonalds (yes, the fast food place) for a lunch with the grandparents. it's their new thing apparently. they are a crack up
-killing time at the airport while waiting for Mom and baby sister, Lexie to fly in!
-Family dinner. can't even put into words how fun they are- they make me laugh so much.
-Watching General Conference. 
-the Bridal shower and my Grandma wanting everything to be proper and perfect. [she is adorable]
-watching Tangled TWICE, in less than 24 hours. once was with these ladies late Saturday night. Ya, we like to party. 
-Breakfast at David and Jenny's and watching conference on Sunday
-Attempting to leave Denver during a random snow storm (when the weather was 80 and sunny the day before) and having to turn around an hour into it because they closed down the highway. Resulting in us not leaving until the next morning [not so much a highlight]
Oh and this diva, Lexie, came back to Provo with us for her Spring break! 
So there you have it. It's always nice to go to Denver for a little fam time.  For once, the girls outnumbered the boys. We have 24 cousins on that side and only 9 of them are girls. We had 1 boy cousin around for about 2 hours that entire weekend. So weird. I love the girls, but definitely miss those boys! Regardless, it was a fantastic time with family. Not to mention, a much needed break from Provo land. 

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