home again.

i love being home! the trees, the weather, the family, the good food, the humidity, my home. i absolutely love it. nothing makes me happier than when i am with my family for the holidays! 
Our puppy is the biggest moocher I have ever seen! It's probably because we will randomly give him droppings of our food. When there is any food around, you can count on Becker being right next to you with those puppy dog eyes. He was just eyeing my Dad that night while he was eating popcorn, which was hilarious, so of course we gave him some pieces. We love our puppy. 
 And we made our traditional Christmas cookies just 2 days before Christmas. nbd. we still had a fun time.
and so did Becker. 
 We also wrapped all the presents that day so it was a busy, festive day! 

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