the proposal.

it happened.
Nicole and I helped set up,
 led Kate to her first destination,  and sent her on her way right on schedule for the big moment!

 Ladies and gents, I am pleased to announce the engagement of my bestest friend, Miss Katelyn Stone, to Mr. Marcus Hunt! They are only one of the hottest couples in Provo!  They are thrilled. and we are thrilled. 

 So a big congrats to one of my favorite couples! I am SO happy for Kate. She only deserves the best and Marcus definitely fits that spot perfectly! I'm so glad they have found each other. He makes her SO happy. Happier than I have ever seen her before. I couldn't imagine any one else better for my best friend! 
 I love you both so much and can't wait for the wedding!!! It's going to be one big celebration in California!!! :)
 And her ring is absolutely PERFECT for her! The picture is a little blurry, but it is gorgeous!!!
Three cheers for another best friend getting married. Every year, I have at least one roommate get proposed to. Honestly, come be my roommate and I'll probably rub off the luck on you.


Brittany said...

Holy cow! i had no clue she was even dating someone. that was quick. So happy for her!

Nicole Erin said...

or 2..

Meggara said...

oh my gosh hahahaha i work with him! and i was at work the night he proposed and asked about his fiance and tried not judging him for marrying a sister from his mission and he called me out on it because i obviously didn't try very hard. whooooops. i didn't even think to ask who he was marrying because i assumed i didn't know her, i had no idea it was kate! this changes everything. i approve!