Ray Rayyyyy!

Today is a VERY special day for my 3 year old friend.... Miss Rachel Huey! She is turning 24 today!
It has now been 2 1/2 wonderful years that I have known this girl. And I am SO grateful for that! As I look back on our friendship, I can see that she has been a HUGE blessing in my life! I'm so glad EFY has brought us together cause let's be honest, EFY is pretty amazing.
Rachel has had some pretty hard times in her life this past year. And they hit her literally all at the same time. But I am SO incredibly proud of her and how strong she is through tough times. I admire her more than I can even describe. Even though we may not always understand why things happen, she knows that the Lord has a plan for each of us. There is a reason for everything. And we can always turn to Him in times of need. I know that has brought her comfort and peace these past few months. She's had trust and faith in our Lord through all the challenges she has faced and has testified that to me through her continuing example. Incredible, incredible woman.  Honestly, one of the most remarkable people I have had the privilege to know and become great friends with.

Want to know some other reasons why I love Ray Ray? Ok... here it goes:
Ray Ray has this LOVE for EFY. Yes, we have frustrating days where we want to pull our hair out, but you know what? We both know it's TOTALLY worth it because we love EFY with all our heart. And why wouldn't we? It's what brought us together :) The experiences we have been able to share together over the past 3 summers have been amazing. They've also helped our relationship grow even more and become clsoer friends. I'm so glad that I've been able to have those experiences with her! I really do owe EFY a lot for all it has given to me!
I love Ray Ray and the fact that she likes to act like a child with me on some loopy days we have at EFY or even when we are just together for a long period of time. People may laugh or think we are completely weirdo's, but we are proud of our child-ish way.
Ray Ray likes to have fun. Her laugh has to be one of the cutest things I have ever heard! Even if you are upset about something, once she starts laughing, you can't help but laugh too. Or at least crack a smile. She is so full of life and bubbly (unless it's super early in the morning, which we've spent many together.. but who is bubbly at the crack of dawn anyways?)

And as a part of EFY, I was able to be her BC for 2 of the weeks we spent together this summer. And just the times when I observed her, you could tell how much she loves this gospel. The light of Christ honestly just shines through her. I really enjoyed the opportunity I had to watch her share her testimony and love for this church on a daily basis, because she helped my testimony grow. And I know for a fact that she helped those kids grow spiritually as well. Some may have never told her, but you could see it in their faces as she taught them. She is an example to so many youth and counselors she has had the opportunity to work and interact with over the years. I'm so glad I've been able to witness that. She's an incredible girl.
Ray Ray loves to be in the sun! So she makes for a GREAT pool buddy. Even if we can only have an hour of pool time before we need to go, she'll totally be up for it. That's my kinda girl.
I love Ray Ray's love for children. I've watched her interact with children on different occasions and I can just tell that she will be a FANTASTIC mother someday. She has such a big heart, full of love and kindness. I can't wait to see her with her own children, on our cul-de-sac.

Ray Ray is loving, kind, and patient. Any problems I would be going through, stress in my life (which can happen a lot when you're at EFY for 5 weeks straight), she was there, ready to listen and help in any way possible. She is pretty good at giving some advice too.She has been more than a good friend to me over the years and I'm so grateful to have her as a part of my life.
Ray Ray is a hard worker. For Kaycie's wedding, she helped make the cakes, put the bouquets together, decorated the reception place...ANYTHING that needed to be done, Rach was right there ready to help with a positive attitude and smile on her face.
Ray Ray is a GORGEOUS girl. Seriously, just look at her. Even during our early morning meetings at EFY, she would come on in just looking like as cute as a button while I looked like I hadn't slept in days. Some boy will be SO lucky to have her one day.
I absolutely LOVE that we have converted Ray Ray to become a Braves Fan! It's been a long time coming, but she is starting to understand a lot more of the baseball lingo, she'll watch games on TV, and try to stay up to date. We went a time or two to games this summer together and had a blast!I love her even MORE than I did before since she has converted as a Braves fan... and that's a lot of love.

Bottom line: I love Ray Ray SOOOOO much! She has brought so much joy into my life since I met her back in 2009. We've had some really great times together and can't wait for many more. I know the Lord puts people in our lives at different times and for different reasons and I KNOW that I could not have survived these past few years without her!I wish I could see her more, but Florida isn't exactly the closest place! But I have gotten to see her a lot this year, which I am SO happy about!

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