K, Christmas at home FLEW!!! (which I knew it would since we only had a few days here before the holiday) It's sad once all the music is gone, the decorations are gone, and everything that makes this season magical is gone. 
HOWEVER, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were great days. 
Christmas Eve was a busy one, as always. Cal and Brandon flew in that morning so we all were excited to be reunited again since the summer. That afternoon, we went to our Annual Christmas Eve Christmas Program at church filled with beautiful music that focused on our Savior. I love going to that every year. It's a really good way to spend a few hours on Christmas Eve. 
That night, we had our traditional Christmas Eve Party with families in our home ward. It's one of my favorite things over the holidays because we always have so much fun together. They are the closest thing to family out here anyways so we always enjoy being together. We are interested in each other's lives, we like to tease each other about dating lives, spend other holidays together, go to dinner and a movie every year after Christmas, and we just honestly love spending time together. One of our favorite events of the night is the white elephant gift exchange. We try to embarrass each other or cheer one another on as it is their turn to open a gift. Just to show how well we know each other, A U of U fan got a BYU shirt, one girl who is obsessed with socks got some, and I got a "stud finder". Clearly, everyone is concerned for me and my dating life.  But really though, it's such a great time. One of the Dad's shared such a sweet message with us about our friendships and how lucky we all are. It really brought a tear to my eye. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by people over the holidays who truly love me and care for my happiness. 
After that grand event, we came home, opened our pj's, watched Home Alone, and fell asleep only for a few hours before we seriously woke up at the butt crack of dawn since we had to get to church by 10. We clearly thought we needed more time since we had 2 hours to enjoy a breakfast and get to church. But it was nice not to feel rushed. The rest of Christmas day we just relaxed (watched lots of NBA games) and had the Nielson's over for dinner and games that night. 
It's always sad when Christmas time is over. I've really enjoyed this holiday season- spending it with friends and family that I love so much! I really think about how blessed I have been over the years. 
Hope everyone enjoyed this season!
Let the countdown begin till Christmas 2012!!!

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