After all these years, this is the last Christmas season the freshman friends will be together. Besides the times people were on missions, we have all been in Provo (minus the Hawaiians). Well, let's just say I've been around the entire time. But come April, we'll start to separate even more. Some in Arizona, different parts of California, and a few still in Provo. It's so weird to think that this stage of my life is ending. Everyone will be onto bigger and better things: teaching, big people jobs, dental and medical schools, or still trying to figure our there lives (like me). 
Of course one last Christmas dinner had to happen; we all hadn't been together since October- so sad! So I rounded up the gang for a fantastic dinner the Sunday before finals began! Our food was top notch. Every one brought something for the meal and it was all SO delicious. it was definitely one of the beat meals I've had this semester! thanks everyone for helping out! 
And, as always, it was a great time. We first started off with Kyle playing some tunes on the organ. That didn't last too long (even though we are all secretly musically talented).
it's great to have these 2 cute girls added to our group! it's a good thing these boys married some fantastic girls who love being around us and we love being with them! 
and we are all still very single (minus that cute babe on the left...story on that later). But, we love being single together. they can be great company. 
I sure do love these friends. i love how comfortable i feel around them. i love how i never get embarrassed by dumb things i do or i say around them. i love how we are all so different; i feel like we each bring something special and unique to this family that was formed 5 years ago.  i love how we love being together. i love that we have so much fun and will laugh at the dumbest things. i love the time they take out of their busy lives to do things like this. 
i honestly just love them each individually and feel so blessed to have them as a part of my life, even if we don't see each other as often as i like. 
we all felt a little sad knowing this was our last  Christmas season together. next year things will be different, but i hope we can all stay in touch because they mean the world to me. they have been like family to me over the years. 
We really did have a great time with each other during our wonderful dinner! It's nice to be surrounded by such wonderful friends when you can't be with your family during the holiday season. It looks like we will need to make the most of the time we have left together before next semester is over!

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Katie and Cam said...

Love it Ashley! And since you're coming to Arizona with us we can all still get together for dinner dates! :)