Last Monday night is one that will go down in the books.
I ventured up with these 2 old (yet fabulous) roommates of mine to Bountiful for a special Mindy Gledhill Christmas concert at the lovely Krista Maurer's home. 
 Let's just say it was a magical evening. It wasn't just any regular concert where you could hardly see the performer. No, no, no. This was up close and personal with Miss Mindy. I loved everything about this little concert we had going on. Mindy was great, her band was great, the songs were great, and we can't forget those fabulous Christmas decorations that Krista worked hard on... those were outstanding (but would you except anything less from Krista? nope). Seriously, I just loved everything that was happening that night. It was so festive and magical. 
One reason for this evening being so great was that I was reunited with Sweet Kaycie, Suzanne, and Meg for the evening! Sadly Mia and Britt couldn't join us from the "Green Gable Gals", but I still had such a great night being with these 3! They are always such a fun time and I was glad I got to spend a few hours with them. And I may be the only one who remembers this (because I'm weird like that), but he first time the 6 Green Gable roommates actually hung out was a beautiful and sunny Saturday spent at a pool, listening to Mindy's newly released CD. Let's just say Mindy holds a special place in all of our hearts (well, at least mine) so it was only fitting to be at this special concert with these ladies.
Since it is so up close and personal, we chatted for a little bit with the lady of the hour after her wonderful concert, had her sign my Christmas CD, and snapped this photograph with her. 
'Twas such a fun night. Thanks to Miss Krista for putting together this special Christmas concert that I was able to enjoy with some of my favorite ladies! 

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KaycieQ said...

I'm SOOO glad y'all were there!! Love you!