it's the holiday season.

I would have to say that I've really enjoyed the Christmas season this year. 
Can you believe Christmas is only days away?! that blows my mind. And I go home in 4 days! It's not the most ideal, but I'm glad I'll get to stay home for 2 weeks! It's just weird all my friends leave this weekend and I'll still be living it up in P-Town a few more days. party on.
Anyways, I've done a lot more than I normally do during the season...probably cause I'm not stressed with school and finals every day after Thanksgiving break. That is one thing I'm glad I don't have to deal with!

I was so happy I got to attend my old work Christmas Party! It was fun to catch up with my old co-workers and meet some other great people who work there now! It was a fun filled night with delicious food, a white elephant gift exchange, and LOVING this house next door. Obviously the girls had to take a picture with it! But really, it was a fun evening spent with people I just love and miss every day!
Last week, our ward had a nice dinner in Aspen Grove near Sundance. It was such a great night! We stuffed our faces with delicious food, we had a few Christmas musical productions and a message from our cute little Bishop. It was a fun evening of remembering why we celebrate Christmas.
The next night, Kate and I made some Christmas Cookies to share with others! This picture thankfully doesn't show the disaster that struck our kitchen. But we had a fun evening listening to Christmas Pandora (such a fantastic thing), being together (since that rarely happens), and decorating some Christmas cookies.
Then it was onto Christmas parties for the weekend! 
Becks, Nicole, and I took a trip to the Riverwoods to work on a special project in our Christmas Sweaters and took some pics in the magical Christmas house we saw! Like I mentioned in my previous post, I'm just obsessed with Christmas Lights!
The next night, my house from last year through an Ugly Sweater Party. Hello, memories! Last year was such a fun time so of course I felt a little nostalgic coming to this party.
But, we did enjoy ourselves (don't mind Shaun's face, he loved it) for the good 15 minutes or so we were there. Santa even came to visit! It was a grand ol' time at the Green Gable home. 
And Sunday I slaved away making my favorite Christmas cookies I always make at home! Seriously, I had to roll out the dough and bake them before church for about 2 1/2 hours and came home to frost and decorate them for another 2 hours after church.
HOWEVER, the time was well spent because these cookies are delicious! And if you are lucky enough, I have shared a few plates of them with people.
Sunday was also our Christmas program at church. Unplanned, all the roommates (besides Alyssa who was having a weekend trip to NYC) wore Black, Red, or White. We just looked like a happy Christmas family singing together in our Christmas Program. But I do love these cute roommates of mine. 
Happy Happy Holidays one and all!


KaycieQ said...

thank you for our plate of cookies! :)

Meggara said...

i loved every single one of those cookies! thanks girl!