Birthday Girl!

See this beautiful lady I am with? 
TODAY is her 23rd birthday! And we haven't been together on her birthday in 3 years! So I am quite excited that I get to see her for at least a little bit on this special day! I am also glad that she is back from her mission and back as my roommate again! Oh, how I missed her for the last 2 years in Provo! So, so happy!
Kate is such a loving and caring friend. Although my life is crazy with a new job and hers is crazy with trying to adjust back to school, spending hours in the library, boys, and friends... there will be days where we will just sit and have really great conversations for a long period of time. I always love the advice she gives me because I know that it is from her heart because she genuinely cares for me and wants me to be happy. After knowing this girl for 5 years, she really knows me and knows my needs. I can always trust her with anything that goes on in my life. I even think sometimes she is speaking through the Lord to me. It's amazing how in tune with the spirit this woman is. She really is fantastic and can make me feel better or give me some great insights.
Kate is a hard worker! She graduates in April (YAY!) so she is busy trying to finish up her schooling and student teaching next semester! She spends so much time on her school work, I don't know how she has time for anything else! All I know is that once she graduates, she will be a FANTASTIC teacher!
Kate gets distracted SO easily (ya, I know I said she's a hard worker but when she puts her mind to it, she can do it) But guess what? I love this about Kate. For instance, she'll be saying one thing while trying to do another task (like cooking for instance) and she will totally space that she was cooking food and in the middle of an intense conversation she'll stop, freak out, and run to the kitchen. it cracks me up! although sometimes i need her to stay focused, i can't help but laugh every time.
Kate is hilarious! I have totally missed her sense of humor these past few years! But when she is on one, she totally cracks me up. She is just so random, spunky, and has a contagious laugh! I know that I can always count on her to put a smile on my face and make me laugh with her randomness! She is currently in an acting class so even though she is trying to be totally serious in her monologues she practices, she cracks me up!
Kate is so loving. When she meets new people, she instantly makes them feel loved. I love that about her. She isn't fake either. She genuinely loves people and I have never heard her talk poorly about anyone regardless of any situation (ok, besides the boys that are jerks to me, but she's just watching out for me) People just love her and she loves them. It's so easy for her to make new friends and instantly feel comfortable around them.
Kate has gotten me into loving plays. We just went to one this past week, but I LOVED it! And so I think she will be my play date. :)
Kate will be up for random, spontaneous activities like riding bikes around Provo one afternoon. And she'll be a total dork with me. We would be making noises like we were on motorcycles while riding on the sidewalks passing by people. But it's okay. We are children. And not embarrassed.
Kate is GORGEOUS. How many people do you know, that are red heads, who are just naturally and absolutely beautiful? Oh ya, that's my best friend Kate. Seriously, she is such a gorgeous girl!
Kate is an example to me. She is one dedicated girl in this gospel. She served an 18 month mission in Palmyra, NY and I know that she misses it every day! But she was a remarkable missionary! She loved all the experiences she had and loved the people she served. Those people in New York were SO lucky to have her in their lives. She loves this gospel so much! She gets up early every morning to study her scriptures and write in her journal. She continually is studying and learning and serving and loving everything this gospel has to offer in our lives and I look up to her for that. I only hope I can be like her someday.
Kate is part of the freshman crew. Those people hold special places in my heart in and of itself. I couldn't have survived my freshman year without them, and Kate was a big part of that. I love them with all my heart and soul. I hope we never loose touch with each other because they are like my family that has grown and developed over the years.
Last, but certainly not least, Kate is my best friend. 5 years, going on 6 years, she has been a part of my life. While it was so hard not to have her around for 2 years, we still kept in touch over emails weekly and she even was genuinely interested in what was going on in my life. She would even lift me up during those long and lonesome months when I first felt alone when she left. She has been the one solid friendship I have had since I started my life in Provo back in 2006 and words can't even describe how grateful I am for her. I know it was by no accident that the Lord put her in my life exactly at that time in my life. She has done so much for and has been there for me through any kind of situation. I can always count on her for anything I need, I know she would drop whatever she was doing if I really needed her. She has helped me grow and become the person I am today. I am so lucky and blessed to call Kate one of my best friends. I hope we can always stay close as our lives will go different ways and change within these next few years. She is one in a million. I love everything that makes Kate, Kate. 

So my dear friend, I hope you have the most fantastic and special 23rd birthday ever! Thank you for being born and coming to BYU and being in my ward that year and becoming one of greatest friends! I feel so lucky to have you in my life! I love you! Have a happy birthday! :)

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